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The Influence of Gibberelin and Light on the Growth of Plantlet Orchids Denrobium Taurulium J. J Smit in Vitro

  • Kategori : Prosiding Internasional
  • Penulis : Raden Budiasih, Lia Amalia, Linlin Parlinah, Reni Nurhayatini, Rida Nabila
  • Identitas : Prosiding Internasional In the International Conference on Agriculture, Social Sciences, Education, Technology and Health (ICASSETH 2019) ISSN 2352-5398
  • Abstrak :

    Experiments aimed at studying the concentration of gibberellin and light against the growth of Orchid Plantlet Dendrobium taurulium J. J. Smit. This experiment was carried out at the Faculty of Agriculture Universitas Winaya Mukti, Sumedang West Java. Trial began in May and ended of August 2018. The experimental design used was the split plot design consists of 2 factors and repeated 3 times. Main Plot is light (P), p1 = 40 Watt light bulbs, p2 = 35% of the Sun’s light, p3 = 50% of the Sun’s light, and the sub plot of concentration Gibberellin (G), g0 = 0 mg L-1, g1 = 1 mg L-1, g2 = 2 mg L-1 and g3 = 3 mg L-1. The results are no interaction between the light and the concentration of Gibberellin to the growth plantlets Orchid Denrobium taurulium J. J Smit in In vitro. Gibberellin concentration of 1 mg L-1 gives influence on highest plants aged 12 weeks of Culture (WOC), number of leaf 4 WOC and wet weights 12 WOC. While 50% of the Sun’s light, giving the influence on the amount of leaf 4 WOC and number of roots 12 WOC on plantlet Orchid Dendrobium taurulium J. J. Smit in vitro.