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Effect of Corynebacterium Against Xantomonas Campetric Causes of Bacterial Leaf Blight in the Paddy Plant (Oryza sativa L.) Varieties Inpari 13

  • Kategori : Prosiding Internasional
  • Penulis : Reni Nurhayatini, R. Budiasih, Lia Amalia, Linlin Parlinah, Yanyan Suryana
  • Identitas : Prosiding Internasional In the International Conference on Agriculture, Social Sciences, Education, Technology and Health (ICASSETH 2019) ISSN 2352-5398
  • Abstrak :

    Abstract—This research aims to determine the influence of biological Agensia Corynebacterium on growth and yield of paddy crops (Oryza sativa L.) The varieties of Inpari 13 were held in Cianjur regency with a height of 500 m above sea level from January to April in 2015. Environmental Design uses random Group draft with 6 treatments and repeated 4 times, Corynebacterium concentration treatment used is A: control (without Corynebacterium); B: 1.5 ml L-1 solution; C: 2.5 ml L-1 solution; D: 35 ml L-1 solution; E: 4.5 ml L-1 solution; F: 5.5 ml L-1 solution. Results showed that the concentration of Cocynebacterium Bioagents was influential for the high plant, the number of saplings, and leaf blight attacks. Corynebacterium concentrations are most effective for controlling Xanthomonas sp bacteria in paddy plants i.e. concentrations of 5.5 ml L-1 water, where potentially lowering the level of leaf blight attacks by 69.4% at 14 DAP, 72.71% at 28 DAP, 62.09% at 42 DAP and 66.89% at 56 DAP and increase the yield weight of 1000 grain by 9.5% and yield per meeting of 48.4%.