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Cytokinins for Growth and Productivity of Polyploid Chrysanthemum on Third Generation

  • Kategori : Prosiding Internasional
  • Penulis : Ai Komariah, Elly Roosma Ria, Endah Islamiyati, Noertjahyani, Nunung Sondari, R. Budiasih, Lia Amalia
  • Identitas : IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume 748 (2021) 012031, International Conference on Agriculture, Climate Change, Information Technology, Food and Animal Sciences, 7-9 October 2020, Medan, Indonesia
  • Abstrak :

    Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemumsp) is a one of the most popular cutting flower commodities in Indonesia. The beauty of colors and variations in the shape of flowers and the low level of withering cause Chrysanthemum to be in great demand. The polyploidy chrysanthemum has some superior properties but the growth rate and flowering time is slow due to colchicine. The study aimed to determine the influence of the concentration of the cytokinins in the growth and productivity of chrysanthemum polyploidgenotypes. The experimental design as usedSplit Plot Design consists of 2 factors and 2 replications. The first factorswere concentration of the cytokinins (Si, i are 1, ..., 4) as a main plot with different levels about0, 1, 2,3, 4 ml L-1 of cytokinins solutions, respectively. The second factorswere the third generation of the polyploid chrysanthemum (G) genotype as a sub plot with 4 genotype, namely: g0 = KRA0, g1 = KRA1, g2 = KRA2, and g3 = KRA3. Based on the experiments and analysis results, it was found that the treatment of 3 ml L-1 of the cytokinin solution produced 16 shoots while the polyploid chrysanthemum genotype KRA2 gave the best response to the number of shoots at 12 WAP compared to other polyploid chrysanthemum genotypes. Keywords:Chrysanthemum, Cytokinins,Genotype, Polyploid.