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Analisis Prospek Usaha Tanaman Hias Berdasarkan Kelayakan Usaha Dalam Jangka Waktu Proyek 5 Tahun Periode 2007-2011

  • Kategori : Jurnal Nasional
  • Penulis : Euis Dasipah, Wardiawan, N. Yani Novaliana
  • Identitas : PARADIGMA Vol: VIII/No. 01 Desember 2007, Hal. 91, ISSN 0853-9081
  • Abstrak :

    Business of decorative crop represent one of busihess which is rapidly growing in this time and if elaborated wiII give a lot of advantage but the business need the good handling and precisely, the business is also very influenced by trend and consumer appetite hence in conducting this business by the entrepreneur have to earn swiflly fizIfiIl the market request and know any kind of the decorative crop which is trend. This research aim to know what business decorative crop of Flora Sari Nursery in assessment 5 years to the fore fitlfiil the eligibility of business to be run. The research conducted with the method of ease study with the. data intake through primary and secondary data. The result of research show the Return Period diiringi years 3 month, Current Net Value with the index 12 % showing number which are positive equal to Rp. 252.908.043, Internal Rate cetztm reside index around to 19% - 20% is equal to 19,58 % and make profit index to result number more than one that is 1,27. This result indicate that the business project of Flora Sari Nursery accepted or competent to be run ia next 5 years.