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Analisis Usahatani Cabai Paprika (Capsicum annum vargrossm) Hidroponik di Kecamatan Cikajang Kabupaten Garut.

  • Kategori : Jurnal Nasional
  • Penulis : Euis Dasipah, Ridwan Lutfiadi dan Euis Alhusaeniah
  • Identitas : AGRIBUSINESS JOURNAL, Vol. 6, No.1, Jakarta Juni 2011, Hal. 40-46, ISSN 1979-0058
  • Abstrak :

    Paprika is one of the commercial vegetable conunuditics that can be the culture the hydropontk At this tune of paprika continue to be developed because of market demand increased, so that the bright prospects for the culture. This study aims to find out the cost of production, receiving, production, received the benefit of farmers, and the level of business efiiciency and sales break-even point, point break-even volume production and break-even point from the business area paprika chili hidroponik. Method used in this research is descriptive method and veripikatif, and data collected in this research consists of primary data and secondary data, While the determination of the respondents conducted on Hidroponik Paprika chili farmers in the District Cikajang. Results of research shows the total cost spent on average Rp 476036157, average revenues and profits Rp 13121904554 average Rp 12645868397 per one plant in the District of Garut Regency Cikajang 2008, with the implant for .8 weeks With a 1 hectare area with a population of plants each respondent on average 60,097 trees, paprika and chili results produced an average perplant of 3,3 kg. Value of R/C ratio is highest Roy Indrajaya of 57.8 which means that one hundred dollar cost of production generates revenue of Rp 578 and the lowest is Dedin Mauludin 2 of 12.8 which means that one hundred della: cost incurred generate revenues of Rp 128. BEP sales achieved during the reception with the ekpenditure of Rp 167374804 BEP and sales volume of 1391 kg wlule for BEP area of 0 0123 hectares, or 123. meters.