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Strategi Bisnis Yang Berorientasi Konsumen

  • Kategori : Jurnal Nasional
  • Penulis : Euis Dasipah
  • Identitas : Jurnal Ilmiah Pertanian PASPALUM Vol. 4 No. 1 Maret 2016 ISSN 2088-5113
  • Abstrak :

    The use of marketing concept philosophy in a companys program is not just an effort of those who are given the responsibility of sales and marketing, but an endeavor attempted by everyone in an organization. Requirements needed for consumers-oriented organizational development include some activities i.e. inculcating consumer-oriented values and beliefs which are supported by top management, integrating markets and consumers into the process of strategic planning, creating marketing management & developing a strong program, creating a basic measurement of performance on the basis of markets, and developing commitment to consumers throughout the organization.